Larsen Legacy Designs LLC introduces...

 ...our new PATENT PENDING product:

SHEP bungee®  for Iphone 4, 5, 6, 6s, 6+, 6s+, Android, Galaxie, LG, Samsung, GPS device or similar  products. 

SHEP bungee® for ALL tablets: two adjustable sizes   

 - LARGE: width 6.5" to 9"  &  length 9.5" to 12.5"

 - MINI: width 5 to 6.5 inches & length 7.5 to 9 inches

 *** NEW - MICRO for insulin pumps coming Aug 2016


 Not recommended for children under 3 years.

SHEP bungee® - Patent Pending


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About Us

Larsen Legacy Designs, LLC is a Plano, Texas-based, family run, small business that manufactures and sells the patent pending SHEP bungee® family of products.

SHEP bungee® is a creative design born out of frustration and the lack of a similar product available on the market.  Any finger-grip or lanyard system requires either adhesive or a new case, neither option met my needs.  The concept took shape in January 2014 with patents filed shortly thereafter when the proto-type was developed.  After several more months and testing, the final designs were ready to share with the public.

After months of enjoying my SHEP bungee® products and hundreds sold at the local trade days, I am proud to be able to share them with you.  Each SHEP bungee® wrap is made by hand and is the only lanyard system that allows either inverted, horizontal or vertical case attachment.  The smartphone wrap is adjusted to fit an iPhone 5 before packaging.  The sliders move to adjust for various size phones and cases.

I love to stop at the corner shop for a caffeine pick-me-up with my cards and cash tucked in the back of my SHEP bungee®, hands free to fill my cup,  while my cell phone is secure via carabiner (without the strap) around my pinkie.  I was equally surprised by how much my daughter loved hers.  She placed her cell inverted into the SHEP bungee®, attached to her shorts, which allowed her to respond to texts/calls while walking (chasing) her toddler and puppy.  My son uses his SHEP bungee® to secure his wallet when out for his morning jog.

Not satisfied with a single product wrap, the larger size SHEP bungee® will secure around tablets to connect vertically or horizontally.  It will secure your tablet above your work area allowing for unobstructed visual reference when cooking or creating works of art.  If attached to a lanyard, the tablet or even a Leap Frog (Pad), can be attached to the headrest for use by the back seat passenger.

*Always use a hard bodied protective case with your smart phone as the SHEP bungee® is designed to wrap around the protective case.

**If there is a preferred color not seen on the shop site, please request, as I may have it available.